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Here at Midwest Equipment Sales,
we have miles of spare parts. Most of our parts are used and new surplus,
but we refurbish everything to run in good condition.
If your looking for parts, chances are we have it! We have more parts than shown here.

We also supply new parts of any kind too.

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Faulk Enclosed Gear Drive
Model: 2165YB2-LR
M.O. 8-866947
Imput RPM: 1778
Output RPM: 50.4
Service Rating HP: 500
Service Factor: 1.44

Faulk Enclosed Gear Drive
Model: 2170Y3-KS
M.O. 8-666437
Imput RPM: 943-1957
Output RPM: 9.13 - 18.94
Service Rating HP: 200 - 400 App.
Service Factor: 1.35

18" Through 72" Head and Tail Pulleys

Acres of Rollers
We Sell All Kinds!
18" - 72"


Racks and Racks Of Troughing/Return Rollers

Shaft Mounted Gearbox Reducers
Gearbox Reducers
Shaft Mounted Reducers
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers
Dodge/Faulk Sizes #1 - #10
Speed Reducer

All Sizes
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size2 TXT2
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size3 TXT3
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size4 TXT4
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size5 TXT5
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size6 TXT6
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size7 TXT7
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size8 TXT8

All Sizes
Push On Gear Reducers Size2 TXT2
Push On Gear Reducers Size3 TXT3
Push On Gear Reducers Size4 TXT4
Push On Gear Reducers Size5 TXT5
Push On Gear Reducers Size6 TXT6
Push On Gear Reducers Size7 TXT7
Push On Gear Reducers Size8 TXT8
All Sizes
Speed Reducers Size2 TXT2
Speed Reducers Size3 TXT3
Speed Reducers Size4 TXT4
Speed Reducers Size5 TXT5
Speed Reducers Size6 TXT6
Speed Reducers Size7 TXT7
Speed Reducers Size8 TXT8

Used Backstop
Manufactor: Maryland
Size: 10 15/16 Backstop
BC - 180 MA
Serial: 86029

Used Backstop
Manufactor: Morse
Size: 4 7/16
CB-30 Backstop
Part Number: 193571

Used Backstop
Manufactor: Maryland
Size: 3 15/16
Size 8 Backstop
Part Number: 77135


Used Backstop
Manufactor: Faulk
Size: 3 15/16
1065 NRTH

Used Backstop
Manufactor: Faulk
Size: 1 5/8 Faulk Backstop

Used Backstop
Manufactor: Faulk
Size: 2 15/16 Faulk Backstop

Shivs & Sprockets By The Thousands
Class A Shivs
Class B Shivs
Class C Shivs
Class D Shivs

Shelves Full Of Taperlocks


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