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Our shelves are stacked with pallets of Reducers. We have hundreds in our yard, from diffrent sizes to diffrent models. Call us, chances are we have what your looking for!

We have more Reducers than shown here.

All Sizes
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size2 TXT2
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size3 TXT3
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size4 TXT4
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size5 TXT5
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size6 TXT6
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size7 TXT7
Shaft Mount Gear Reducers Size8 TXT8

All Sizes
Gearbox Speed Reducers Size2 TXT2
Gearbox Speed Reducers Size3 TXT3
Gearbox Speed Reducers Size4 TXT4
Gearbox Speed Reducers Size5 TXT5
Gearbox Speed Reducers Size6 TXT6
Gearbox Speed Reducers Size7 TXT7
Gearbox Speed Reducers Size8 TXT8

Dodge & Faulk Gearboxes Sizes #1 - #10

Faulk Enclosed Gear Drive
Model: 2165YB2-LR
M.O. 8-866947
Imput RPM: 1778
Output RPM: 50.4
Service Rating HP: 500
Service Factor: 1.44

Faulk Enclosed Gear Drive
Model: 2170Y3-KS
M.O. 8-666437
Imput RPM: 943-1957
Output RPM: 9.13 - 18.94
Service Rating HP: 200 - 400 App.
Service Factor: 1.35
Over 300 Speed Reducers In Stock
Example Photos Below
Over 300 Speed Reducers In Stock
Example Photos Below

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